What We Do

The Gujarati Cultural Society of Manitoba (GCSM) is a dynamic organization that actively pursues its objectives through a wide range of cultural and social activities. These initiatives serve as a means to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Gujarati culture while promoting unity and engagement within the community.

One of the society's hallmark events is its vibrant cultural shows, where members come together to showcase the rich traditions and talents of Gujarat. The annual picnic and Anand Bazaar, a delectable food festival, create opportunities for members to bond and share their cultural heritage. GCSM proudly participates in events like FOLKORAMA, providing a platform to showcase the diversity and vibrancy of Gujarati culture. Festivals like NAVARATRI (Nine Nights of Dancing) and Diwali (Festival of Lights) are celebrated with great enthusiasm, bringing the community closer through shared traditions and festivities. The GCSM also keeps its members informed and engaged through the publication of monthly online newsletters called 'DARPAN.'

One of the society's most significant achievements is the establishment of the Gujarati School of Language & Arts, a testament to its commitment to preserving the Gujarati language and culture. With dedicated volunteer teachers and support staff, the school is officially recognized by the provincial school system, and students receive academic credit for their participation. Through the school, GCSM strives to pass on the invaluable heritage of Gujarat to the next generation, equipping them with the skills to read, write, and speak their mother tongue.

The Gujarati community in Manitoba is known for its vitality and active engagement. This website serves as a valuable resource, offering information on various events and activities within the community. It is through these collective efforts that GCSM continues to flourish, ensuring the legacy of Gujarat lives on and thrives in the hearts of its members and the broader Manitoban community.


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