Welcome - Swagat - સ્વાગત


Welcome to the Gujarati Cultural Society of Manitoba (GCSM).

Hello Everyone,

I am really glad to be here today with all of you. I would like to congratulate this committee for their commendable job this year. It was fun and interesting year with lots of good events. Thank you for everything. I would take the opportunity to thank Atish uncle and Kirit bhai for keeping faith in me and endorsing a great responsibility by making me the president of GCSM. I would try my level best to make this year more entertaining and fun. I request all the members to pay their annual membership fees as early as possible as the committee is planning to renew our new directory. We will keep you posted on that via e-mails. We will be announcing our year around activities in the near future. I expect the same cooperation and guidance from you all. Once again thank you one and all. 

President             Kalpesh Patel
Vice President     Kirit Thakrar 
Secretary             Gunjan Shah     
Treasurer             Pinkal Kachhia     
Joint Treasurer    Vibha Lad       

Directors                Marketing and Communication                        
Mitesh Mistry          Avanish Sheth
Rajendra Patel        Dipan Chokshi
Sunil Patel
Nikul Patel
Jay Oza
Subhash Patel

Grant Co-ordinator Jesal Soni

Past President   Tanmay Patel                       
School Principal    Jayanti Mistry

Rajnikant Patel
Suresh Tailor
Manish Shah
Rakesh Tailor
Pravin Hingwala
Nimesh Tailor 

Youth directors                        Youth committee
Ramya Patel                             Manushi Patel
Shivani K Patel                         Sagar Patel
                                               Aakanksha Korat
                                               Harsh Patel
                                               Kevin Patel
                                               Vismay Patel
                                               Darsh Shah
                                               Vandit Shah         

Focus on upcoming events of the year:

  • Bhajan Sandhya on 2nd April 2016 ( Performance by live singers)
  • Anand Bazzar 21 May 2016
  • More events will be announced as we move forward through the year   

In conclusion, I seek for your support in coming out and attending all the events our committee has planned and hope this year goes perfect.

Kalpesh Patel 

Volunteer at GCSM 

GCSM holds various events through the year. Success of these events can only be achieved through your participation and support as a volunteer. Becoming part of a team of volunteers is an exciting way to contribute to your community.

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer at these events and we are always looking for volunteers willing to help with event organisation and execution. Young persons will also find that volunteering provides an excellent opportunity to develop leadership skills.

Some of the annual events include:

  1. Bhajan Sandhya
  2. Anand Bazar
  3. Summer Picnic
  4. Navaratri
  5. Diwali

For more information on volunteering opportunties, please approach any board member or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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