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About Gujarati Cultural Society of Manitoba Inc.

The Gujarati Cultural Society of Manitoba is a registered non-profit charitable organization devoted to advancing the public knowledge and appreciation of the art, history, and language of the Province of Gujarat, situated in India. Established in 1978 in Winnipeg, Canada, by individuals hailing from the western state (province) of Gujarat, India, the GCSM has remained steadfast in its commitment to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Gujarat.

At its core, the GCSM operates with the primary objective of safeguarding and nurturing the Gujarati language, traditions, and customs. Over the years, it has become a vibrant hub for the Gujarati community in Manitoba, boasting a membership of over two thousand members. Through a myriad of cultural, educational, and social initiatives, the GCSM has played an instrumental role in enhancing mutual understanding and fostering friendships among various communities in Manitoba.

Our journey has been guided by the belief that cultural diversity enriches society, and it is our privilege to share the beauty, history, and language of Gujarat with our fellow Manitobans. Whether through cultural festivals, language classes, or historical exhibitions, the Gujarati Cultural Society of Manitoba remains dedicated to celebrating and preserving the essence of Gujarat while promoting harmony and unity among all.

Revenue Canada Charity Registration No. 892046244 RR 0001



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